UK Specialists for Metal Polishing


UK Specialists for Metal Polishing

M.A. Polishing are the UK’s specialist for Metal Polishing. We provide professional services for metal polishing, metal cleaning, metal finishing for a variety of metals including but not exclusive to bronze, brass, steel, aluminium and many more. Throughout the years we’ve polished all types of metal from the exotic to the everyday. Our previous clients come from across the country and have approached us for polishing of shop fronts, vehicle parts, kitchen appliances and so much more. Many of our clients come from the capital and have a prestigious reputation. Businesses such as Louis Vuitton, McLaren and Belgravia trust us to handle their metal work due to our quality of work and standard of service.

Since 1995, the experience of our dedicated team allows us to meet your exact requirements and deliver the perfect finish. Our service extends to the domestic, commercial as well as industrial metalwork.

The Process of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is the removal of dirt, grime, scratches and other blemishes on a metal surface with the application of a component onto a linishing belt, or brightening the metal by mopping or buffering after linishing. The linishing belt and mop then rotate on the end of a spindle that is attached to a lathe. Depending on the metal or how much of the metal needs to be removed will determine the grade or coarseness of the belt. Whatever the metal you require polishing we can produce the ideal finish for further cleaning, powdering, coating, painting or plating.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

Metal polishing can add years to the lifespan of your metal, so if there is a personal possession in your life or you think your home needs a revamp, get in touch with our team at M.A. Polishing. We complete both on-site and in-house metal polishing for metals of all sizes.