Three Steps of Metal Polishing


Three Steps of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a broad term for a range of services and processes which are designed to remove or conceal metal defects which enhances the surface gloss. Metal polishing is the second step of a trio of services we offer. First, we start with the grinding or abrasive actions towards your metal work, when complete incorrectly you can ruin your piece. We always advise our customers that polishing is an art that requires patience and a skill for the craft. Each type of metal requires its own techniques and abrasive grade. The purpose of metal grinding is to prepare the surface for metal polishing which comes next.

Step Two and Three for Metal Polishing

Once the grinding process is complete we move into the polishing stage. Metal polishing uses abrasives attached to a flexible backing, usually a wheel or belt. The polishing step is used to remove or smooth the surface of scratches, marks, stains and other surface defects. Polishing not only improves the appearance but also improves the lifespan as well as durability of the metal. The final step is buffering which removes the microinch roughness that has been caused by the polishing process. Buffering completely removes any debris or damage leaving you with stunning looking metal.

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Find out what metal polishing can do for you and why our services are the secret to seeing amazing results. Speak to our team today, who will be more than happy discuss your project in full. Throughout our near 25-year existence we’ve helped clients of all sizes and backgrounds enhance their metals appearance. From precious family metals to high-end shop fronts and everything in between. We complete both onsite and in-house metal polishing as well as metal cleaning and metal finishing for a variety of metals. To see our work first hand, browse through our gallery as well as our Instagram page @ma_polishing_ltd.