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At M.A Polishing we offer a full range of metal restoration services such as:

  • Metal Cleaning: Over time metal can become discoloured and damaged, and so it’s essential that it’s cleaned regularly to keep it in the best condition possible.
  • Metal Finishing: Change the surface of metals to be able to withstand corrosion. The process of modifying the surface of a metal, for the purpose of enhancing its appearance and/or durability.
  • Metal Polishing: The process of removing marks and abrasions from a surface, and creating the wanted brightness of shine on that surface.
  • Metal Restoration: We transform tired metals such as brass, stainless steel and bronze – removing scratches, cleaning, polishing and returning the metal to its former glory.
  • Nano Surfacing: We pride ourselves on being industry leaders on the cutting edge of metal polishing and restoration technology.

About M.A. Polishing Services

From the common to the rare and exotic, all metals receive a quality treatment. Out of our workshop in the Midlands, we clean and revitalise all types of metalwork. Additionally, if your metal is in a fixed location such as statures or a memorial, our team come to your site and complete our work there in a professional and safe manner.

All our work is 100% viewed before leaving the premises. We take pride in the fact that our work is never returned for re-work, even on the more demanding finishes. This saves time and cost for our customers and generates a high level of satisfaction for all concerned. – Take a look at the metals we polish and restore.

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All sizes of components can be accommodated for and small batches are not a problem. Please don’t take our word for it. If you would kindly provide us with a trial batch, we can demonstrate that we do what we say. should you wish to contact us to discuss your metal polishing requirements please give us a call on 0121 333 4675 or email us at

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