Metal Cleaning for Businesses


Metal Cleaning for Businesses

Is your business’s interior and exterior not looking its best? It might be time to look at metal cleaning to bring it back to its absolute best. Here at M.A. Polishing, we complete all types of metal cleaning for both fitted and movable objects. Add a touch of class with newly cleaned stair and handrails, or for a bright and elegant front of the store, we can restore plaques, signs and displays that surround your business. We’ve helped business up and down the UK to improve their aesthetic appeal ranging from high-end retail stores such as Louis Vuitton and Tiger of Sweden. To bars and business parks in Canary Wharf and Waterloo Station. We have a back catalogue of esteemed clients, and our reputation for a quality and professional cleaning service is second to none.

Private and Public-Sector Metal Cleaning

Our metal cleaning service is not exclusive to the private sector if you have any personal items such as jewellery, vehicles parts and household objects that need a touch of life added back to their service M.A. Polishing can help. Additionally, our service is extended to local councils and governments to help restore statues or other memorial pieces. We understand all metal work as huge sentimental and historical value as well as monetary. So, by choosing M.A. Polishing, whether we’re completing our work in-house or on-site. We take extreme care will every project we undertake.

Metal Cleaning and More at M.A. Polishing

So, for more information about our metal cleaning service do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. In addition to metal cleaning, we also complete metal finishing and metal polishing. To see our work first hand be sure to look at our gallery as well as follow our Instagram page.