Identify Signs of Corrosion in Stainless Steel


Identify Signs of Corrosion in Stainless Steel

Here at MA Polishing we specialise in metal cleaning and polishing when it can become discoloured or damaged. We understand the importance of keeping your metal surfaces in the best condition possible.

In our latest blog, we are going to identify the signs of corrosion and tell you more about crevice corrosion.

Knowing the Signs of Corrosion

When corrosion occurs on stainless steel it is due to free iron particles on the surface or chlorine attack. Corrosion can manifest itself as small brownish spots, often covering large areas of the surface. Corrosion can also happen when small particles transfer to the surface from improper handling or tooling, or exposure to chlorides, which can lead to pitting on the surface.

Intergranular corrosion develops in severe environments and occurs when carbide precipitation has weakened the passivity of the surface. Corrosion attack occurs at the grain boundaries of the stainless steel usually in regions around welds.

Understanding Crevice Corrosion

Crevice corrosion happens at the joints with non-metal materials such as gaskets and seals. The passive film is inhibited by the non-metal materials and when foreign matter (such as chloride or sulphide salts) migrates to the crevice and leads to the formation of electrolytic cells. If moisture is prevented from collecting in the crevice, corrosion ceases or proceeds at a lesser rate.

This condition typically happens when the gasketing is porous or the sealants cannot react properly to movement. Often the exposed surface shows little indication of corrosion, but sometimes it will show itself as rust leaching out of a gasket or sealed condition.

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