Why Samples are So Important for Architects


Why Samples are So Important for Architects

Samples of materials for mock-up designs are a crucial part of an architects relationship with construction contractors.
This is one of the reasons why MA Polishing work with a number of architects right across the country, to ensure their metal samples look as good as possible.

The first impression of the materials will help developers envision how they will look on the finished project.
Here are the most common reasons why samples are specified –

• They can be part of the tender process when alternative suppliers and products are being considered before an order is placed.
• The sample could be required after a selection to demonstrate compliance with the specification, allowing a review of the appearance for testing to be carried out.
• Some suppliers prepare the samples themselves to verify their ability to produce a product that matches the stated specification.

The Role of Architects

Architects need to convince a number of different people that the specified product is right for the job. If they want to use a particular product, they have used a number of times in the past, they will need to defend their decision to senior architects in their own firm plus contractors and their clients.

They will also need to ensure contractors are able to install the material using standard practices. If they work with a contractor who has done the same process for say, 30 years, it will be a harder sell to convince them to switch to an alternative method.

Architects may also need to prove to building owners that the product is the look they want, the quality required and fits within their budget. General contractors hold a lot of power but are often consulted later in projects about the products chosen by the architect. This means architects need to be aware of the contractor’s timetable and worker availability.

Designing the Perfect Project with MA Polishing

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