Onsite Bronzing

Our onsite bronzing service

If you’re looking for an expensive looking finish without the heavy price tag, our onsite bronzing service will be ideal for you. We can come to your site to carry out our bronzing service, minimising the stress of transporting items and allowing us to complete bronzing on architectural features that cannot be transported. During the onsite bronzing service we apply a bronze surface to another material whether it be metallic or non-metallic to give this material a smart and expensive look.

Onsite Bronzing finishes:

Our onsite bronzing service can include any of the following Bronze Finishes: Imitation Bronze Finishing, Antique Finishing, IBMA Finishing, BMA Finishing and bronze patina application. Our onsite bronzing service is suitable for interior designers, small businesses, private individuals and large manufacturers alike. Our onsite bronzing service is ideal for:

  • architectural features
  • artworks
  • high profile buildings
  • interior décor
  • fixtures, fitting and finishes

Free consultation for onsite bronzing:

No project is too big or too small for us and we will ensure that we use our professional attitude and expertise to achieve high-quality results first time every time. If you have some onsite bronzing work that needs doing, ring us up for more information and we will offer you a free consultation. Additionally for more information about our other services including metal finishing, metal cleaning and metal polishing, get in touch.