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Metal Polishing for Vehicles

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Metal Polishing for Vehicles

Your vehicle is your pride and joy, and you want it looking its absolute best! From classic cars and motorbikes to modern cars, trucks, vans or even boats and yachts the team and M.A. Polishing can deliver stunning metal polishing. Whether your vehicle is for everyday use or for special occasions we use high-quality polish and equipment to keep your vehicle looking and great and well protected.

The benefits of metal polishing your vehicle will not only create a longer lasting metal, but it will clean the metal surfaces and protect the metal from the soil, oxidation, solvents, debris and salts.

Metal Polishing for Vehicle Parts

Life on the road can take its toll on your vehicle, salt in the road, dirt, grit, soil and not to mention the weather can all affect the appearance and integrity of your vehicle. Our metal polishing service is suited to a variety of metals vehicle parts as well as a variety of vehicles types. For both large and small vehicle parts our team have the appropriate methods and equipment to tackle the toughest blemishes.

Parts of the engine, exhausts, exterior panels, wheels, saddles and more can all get our amazing treatment. Metal Polishing and services from M.A. Polishing will not only enhance the appearance but in addition, will increase the longevity by a number of years. With simple maintenance, your metal work will look great throughout the seasons.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

If you would like to know more about our metal polishing service, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We have many years in our industry and have work with a vast array of clients both large and small.

We’re based in Birmingham, but our work has taken us across the UK and to some of the most prestige brands in the world. You’ll love our service and how we effortlessly restore your vehicle back to new!

Metal Polishing for Businesses

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Metal Polishing for Businesses

First impressions matter! A saying as old as time but it is extremely relevant. Whether you’re inviting a potential client, new member of staff or a customer through your doors, you can’t underestimate keeping your business looking as good as possible. Metal Polishing from M.A. Polishing is designed to service the metals throughout your business to get them back to their absolute best. Whether this is the front of the store, stair rails, lifts, metallic ornament, trophies or awards the team at M.A. Polishing can take care of it all.

Number One Team for Metal Polishing

High-quality metalwork displays a level of quality that customers and clients alike will signify your business having the same quality. Here at M.A. Polishing, we carry out metal polishing for all types of metal alloys. Throughout our many years of operation, we’ve completed metal polishing for a variety of metals from the everyday and household to the rare and exotic. Each type of metal requires different levels of care and treatment and our team can accommodate them all. With years of experience and access to the latest polishing equipment. Your metal will look as good as new increasing longevity and durability.

Not all metal work can be taken away to our site in Birmingham, which is why our team also complete onsite metal polishing. Our work when complete onsite ensures we do not disrupt your businesses activity, nor does it have a negative influence on customers experience in your business. Our team are extremely professional and work to the highest level of quality and professional behaviour.

See Our Metal Polishing First Hand

If you would like to know more about our metal polishing service, get in touch with a member of the M.A. Polishing team today. We work throughout the UK and our portfolio of past work includes some of the UK highest profile name. For more information and images of our metal polishing, take a look through our Instagram page.

Metal Polishing for Hotels

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Metal Polishing for Hotels

Hotels are a busy environment! With hundreds of holidaymakers, businessmen and women, tourists and more making their way through your doors on a daily basis. Your hotel can feel the strain, in particular, the metal work. Scratching, scuffing and general wear on staircases, lifts, handrails, door handles to name a few all fall casualty to a busy hotel and high footfall. If your hotel has a reputation to uphold, you can’t afford to take the risk of damaged or untidy metals. Here at M.A. Polishing, we carry out complete metal polishing services for all variants of metals found inside a hotel. Our team will restore your metals to the highest of standards that reflect your hotel’s quality.

Metal Polishing for Large and Small Metal Work

At M.A. Polishing we have years of experience in our trade. Our metal polishing service can be complete both on-site and in-house from our premises in Birmingham. Metal items such as door handles, hinges, locks and other small pieces will be polished in-house – where possible. Our facility is equipped with the latest security technologies. Ensuring you and our customers metal work is in a safe pair of hands.

Larger items such as lifts, hand and stair rails, plaques or other fitted metal work will be polished on site. When our team work on site we work to the highest level of professionalism and care. Our service is designed and catered to ensure we do not disturb the day-to-day running of your hotel or your guests.

In addition to metal polishing, the team at M.A. Polishing can complete a variety of other metal related services such as metal cleaning, metal finishing, restoration of metals an coating. We’ve worked for a number of high-profile clients, who have all reaped the benefits of our high-quality metal polishing.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

If you would like to know more about our metal polishing services get in touch with a member of our team today or follow our Instagram page to see our work first hand.

Metal Polishing Near You

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Metal Polishing Near You

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and so many more have had a treatment of metal polishing from M.A. Polishing. Regardless of what alloy you’re looking to polish, whether rare/ exotic to the everyday. We have the tools and techniques to provide second to none metal polishing. We work with metals of all sizes and shapes and our teamwork both on-site and in-house from our state-of-the-art facilities in Birmingham.

High-End Metal Polishing

Our reputation for metal polishing has seen us travel to some of the UK’s most prestigious brands. Over the last six months, we’ve worked for clients such as Selfridges, Intercontinental Hotels, Vauxhall Sports Awards, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Our clients strive to be the best in their industry and all face hundreds of customers every day. Metal objects throughout their hotels, shops or awards evenings must reflect their quality. And that’s exactly what our clients receive! With access to the latest equipment and techniques, our team can clean, polish and finish your metals to the highest possible standard, to fully encapsulates the quality of your business or service.

Polished metals not only look great, but the removal of blemishes, dirt and stains improves the lifespan of your metals!

Speak to Our Team for Metal Polishing

If you would like to see just some of the clients we’ve helped with our metal polishing services over the years, take a look and follow our Instagram. We update our social feed with regular posts about our work and clients. This is a great platform for us to show off our work first hand and share with our customers.

Alternatively, if you would like to know more about any of our services please get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

UK Specialists for Metal Polishing

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UK Specialists for Metal Polishing

M.A. Polishing are the UK’s specialist for Metal Polishing. We provide professional services for metal polishing, metal cleaning, metal finishing for a variety of metals including but not exclusive to bronze, brass, steel, aluminium and many more. Throughout the years we’ve polished all types of metal from the exotic to the everyday. Our previous clients come from across the country and have approached us for polishing of shop fronts, vehicle parts, kitchen appliances and so much more. Many of our clients come from the capital and have a prestigious reputation. Businesses such as Louis Vuitton, McLaren and Belgravia trust us to handle their metal work due to our quality of work and standard of service.

Since 1995, the experience of our dedicated team allows us to meet your exact requirements and deliver the perfect finish. Our service extends to the domestic, commercial as well as industrial metalwork.

The Process of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is the removal of dirt, grime, scratches and other blemishes on a metal surface with the application of a component onto a linishing belt, or brightening the metal by mopping or buffering after linishing. The linishing belt and mop then rotate on the end of a spindle that is attached to a lathe. Depending on the metal or how much of the metal needs to be removed will determine the grade or coarseness of the belt. Whatever the metal you require polishing we can produce the ideal finish for further cleaning, powdering, coating, painting or plating.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

Metal polishing can add years to the lifespan of your metal, so if there is a personal possession in your life or you think your home needs a revamp, get in touch with our team at M.A. Polishing. We complete both on-site and in-house metal polishing for metals of all sizes.

Three Steps of Metal Polishing

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Three Steps of Metal Polishing

Metal polishing is a broad term for a range of services and processes which are designed to remove or conceal metal defects which enhances the surface gloss. Metal polishing is the second step of a trio of services we offer. First, we start with the grinding or abrasive actions towards your metal work, when complete incorrectly you can ruin your piece. We always advise our customers that polishing is an art that requires patience and a skill for the craft. Each type of metal requires its own techniques and abrasive grade. The purpose of metal grinding is to prepare the surface for metal polishing which comes next.

Step Two and Three for Metal Polishing

Once the grinding process is complete we move into the polishing stage. Metal polishing uses abrasives attached to a flexible backing, usually a wheel or belt. The polishing step is used to remove or smooth the surface of scratches, marks, stains and other surface defects. Polishing not only improves the appearance but also improves the lifespan as well as durability of the metal. The final step is buffering which removes the microinch roughness that has been caused by the polishing process. Buffering completely removes any debris or damage leaving you with stunning looking metal.

Connect with us for Metal Polishing

Find out what metal polishing can do for you and why our services are the secret to seeing amazing results. Speak to our team today, who will be more than happy discuss your project in full. Throughout our near 25-year existence we’ve helped clients of all sizes and backgrounds enhance their metals appearance. From precious family metals to high-end shop fronts and everything in between. We complete both onsite and in-house metal polishing as well as metal cleaning and metal finishing for a variety of metals. To see our work first hand, browse through our gallery as well as our Instagram page @ma_polishing_ltd.

Metal Cleaning for Businesses

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Metal Cleaning for Businesses

Is your business’s interior and exterior not looking its best? It might be time to look at metal cleaning to bring it back to its absolute best. Here at M.A. Polishing, we complete all types of metal cleaning for both fitted and movable objects. Add a touch of class with newly cleaned stair and handrails, or for a bright and elegant front of the store, we can restore plaques, signs and displays that surround your business. We’ve helped business up and down the UK to improve their aesthetic appeal ranging from high-end retail stores such as Louis Vuitton and Tiger of Sweden. To bars and business parks in Canary Wharf and Waterloo Station. We have a back catalogue of esteemed clients, and our reputation for a quality and professional cleaning service is second to none.

Private and Public-Sector Metal Cleaning

Our metal cleaning service is not exclusive to the private sector if you have any personal items such as jewellery, vehicles parts and household objects that need a touch of life added back to their service M.A. Polishing can help. Additionally, our service is extended to local councils and governments to help restore statues or other memorial pieces. We understand all metal work as huge sentimental and historical value as well as monetary. So, by choosing M.A. Polishing, whether we’re completing our work in-house or on-site. We take extreme care will every project we undertake.

Metal Cleaning and More at M.A. Polishing

So, for more information about our metal cleaning service do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team today. In addition to metal cleaning, we also complete metal finishing and metal polishing. To see our work first hand be sure to look at our gallery as well as follow our Instagram page.

DIY vs. Professional Metal Polishing

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DIY vs. Professional Metal Polishing

Many people ask us “Is using a professional for metal polishing really worth it”. This answer isn’t that simple as it all depends on the alloy of metal that needs polishing as well as the size of it. It would be a tall order for a novice to complete statue restoration. Whereas a ring or a smaller piece of jewellery is possible for someone with little to no experience. For those who are unaware as to what metal polishing is, it is the process of removing blemishes and scratches from a metal surface. Improving the overall aesthetic appearance and longevity of the metal.

Things to remember when completing Metal Polishing

Here at M.A Polishing, we complete numerous types and styles of metal polishing, from a whole range of alloys, ranging from the rare and exotic to the extremely common. Here are a few general tips we’ve put together to help you with your metal polishing.

  • Firstly, the condition and quality of the metal will determine your starting point. But most importantly clean before you polish. You won’t see the full benefits of metal polishing if there are dirt marks or blemishes on the surface.
  • Determine whether sanding is needed. If your fingernail catches on a scratch, then it will need sanding before polishing.
  • Selecting your compound and buffing cloth, once again this is determined by your metal work. Coat your cloth and add slight pressure and start your polishing. Repeat until satisfied.
  • To finish, add a finishing compound for a mirror-like shine letting the compound do the work, then wash with warm soapy water, and dry.

(Metal Polishing will vary from metal to metal as well as the compounds and cleaning kits you use)

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

If you don’t feel confident enough to carry out your own metal polishing do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at M.A Polishing, and we’ll be happy to accept your project. Rest assured with our service we’ve polished metals of all sizes from statues to car parts and everything in between. We carry out our work all over the country from both our workshop in Birmingham and on-site at fitted fixtures or immovable objects.

Metal Polishing and Nano Coating

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Metal Polishing and Nano Coating

The M.A. Polishing headquarters is based in central Birmingham, and out of our state of the art facility, we are proud to carry out metal polishing and other restoration services. Our office in Birmingham is ideal for smaller items that require our work. When you leave your possessions in our care they are housed in our fully secure building, fitted with the latest security measures. So, rest assured that your valuables are in extreme care. Additionally, M.A. Polishing also complete metal polishing on larger items as well. Of course, we can’t service this particular size of metal from our office. So, in this instance, when a large or fixed metal work is in need of restoration, our team travel to your site, using a range of specialist techniques and equipment, our team get the job done with impeccable standards.

Masters of Metal Polishing

We are masters of all types of metal polishing, including hand polishing, jet washing, restoration, tube polishing and finishing. Metal polishing designed to bring your metal work back to its former glory. The techniques we employ remove blemishes, scratches which ultimately make the metal stronger, improving its durability and longevity. In the past, we’ve helped clients by polishing there, stairways, the front of house displays, motorcycles/ cars, bars, wedding rings and much more. You’ll love the aesthetic qualities that our team can bring out of your wounded metal.

Additionally, as market leaders in the metal polishing industry, we’ve moved towards implementing the latest technologies. Techniques such as Nano-surfacing are the cutting edge for metal restoration. Nano-tech can be applied to virtually any metal surface after an initial clean has been carried out. Naked to the human eye Nanotech improves waterproofness, resistance to oil, grime, dirt and other contaminants.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

If you would like to know more about our metal polishing service, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Despite being based in Birmingham we can complete our work all over the country.

In-House or On-Site Metal Cleaning

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In-House or On-Site Metal Cleaning

Household and architectural metals appearances are often tarnished over time, losing their aesthetic glow and gleam. A treatment of metal cleaning will bring your metalwork back to its former shine. At M.A. Polishing we’ve gathered many years of experience dealing with different alloys and cleaning metals. From common to rare and exotic metals, our service has been used nationwide by some of the UK’s most prestigious clients. Metal cleaning is a technique that some customers believe they can do themselves, as there are numerous DIY kits on the market. However, cleaning is a careful and patient practice. If caution isn’t taken, then you could completely ruin your metalwork.

Metal Cleaning Since 1995

Since 1995, our family run business has operated out of our office in central Birmingham. We’ve become the industry leader for metal cleaning, performing our work both onsite for fixed or larger items and for smaller pieces we complete our work from our fully secure premises in Birmingham. When leaving your items in our care, you can rest assured they are in the safest pair of hands. Our vast experience has allowed our team to work on all types of metals and alloys. We’ve helped to restore plaques, war memorials, statues, classic cars and motorcycles, as well as wedding rings, the front of house decorations, door handles, locks and bannisters. Regardless of the type or alloy you have. M.A. Polishing can complete flawless metal cleaning.

Speak to our team for Metal Cleaning

For more information about our metal cleaning or any of our other services, including metal polishing and metal finishing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We carry out a professional service, and whether we’re working on site or in our facility, you metal will be handled with care and given the best possible treatment. For a first-hand look at our work, browse through our gallery or follow our Instagram page