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Metal Polishing by the Specialist Craftspeople

Metal Polishing by the Specialist Craftspeople

By on May 25, 2018 in News |

Metal polishing from M.A. polishing is a specialist craft for keeping metal components and features looking their best. Decorative or practical metals are at risk of damages or scratches as well as blemishes from water, oil or air. Here at M.A. Polishing, we understand the importance of keeping your metal in quality condition. Keeping metals look their best protects the integrity of the item as well as maintaining its quality. Our outstanding and professional metal polishing service has been used across various sectors such as, domestic, commercial and industrial.

Metal Polishing to the Highest Standard

M.A. Polishing have a vast experience in metal polishing for all types of metals, from the household to the exotic and rare. Size is not an issue for our team, for large or stuck in place items our team come to the site to carry out our metal polishing. For smaller items the work is carried out from within our state of the art facility in Birmingham. Equipped with the latest security measures rest assured, your items are in a safe pair of hands

In addition to our metal polishing, our team can carry out a number of other services such as metal cleaning, metal finishing, bronze patina and much more. These include bright, dull, brushed, satin, and more. To see some of our previous work, take a look at our gallery of previous projects.

World Renowned Brands Chose M.A. Polishing for Metal Polishing

We are a Birmingham based polishing business, but we operate across the UK, with many of our clients coming from the capital to acquire our services. We’ve built an impress portfolio of clients including Belgravia, McLaren F1 Team, Shops on Oxford Street, Harrods, D&G, Louis Vuitton, Tiger of Sweden and Jaguar. These are just some of the clients that have chosen M.A. Polishing for metal polishing, and as you can see for the calibre of the clients listed our reputation holds its own. For more information about our services and a quote, get in touch with one of our team right away.