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A Simple Guide to Metal Polishing

A Simple Guide to Metal Polishing

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Whether you have an architectural metalwork or a piece with sentimental value, they all need equal care and concern for their aesthetic value. Metal polishing helps protect your metalworks practicality, structural stability and longevity. Depending on the metal in question, will determine how often a metal polishing treatment will be necessary, but all metals need a treatment. From our office in central Birmingham, we carry out both on-site and in-house polishing. Despite being based in Birmingham we complete our work nationwide with many of our prestige clients being based in the capital.

Full Metal Polishing

Our team are trained in the latest techniques for metal polishing ensuring you receive the best results. By choosing M.A. Polishing regardless of the metal that needs polishing our team can help. From the rare and exotic to common everyday metals, we can service them all. Metal Polishing takes a lot of patience and it’s easy to ruin your piece when care is not taken. There are several steps to take when cleaning or polishing. One of the most important steps that are often missed by novices is a deep clean, which removes stagnant debris or dirt that is trapped with the lines and crevasses. The deep clean allows the polishing process to be more effective. We’ve mastered the art of polishing, cleaning and finishing, and our reputation hasn’t gone unnoticed. High-end clients such as Belgravia London, McLaren Racing, Louis Vuitton and Tiger of London have all benefited from our service. Take a look at our Instagram where we showcase our amazing work.

Metal Polishing, Metal Cleaning and Metal Finishing

For metal polishing of any size get in touch with our team today. In addition to polishing we can complete metal cleaning and metal finishing and for more details on our services take a look at our website.