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Metal Polishing for Rare and Exotic Metals

Metal Polishing for Rare and Exotic Metals

By on Mar 25, 2018 in News |

Metal Polishing is used to restore or enhance the look of certain objects or parts of cook and kitchenware, cars or car parts, handrails and architectural metals on buildings or statues. These are just some of the many applications M.A. Polishing can help our customers with. Applying metal polishing you are guaranteed a natural finish with a high gloss and sheen appearance, that produces a durable and visual finish.

Throughout our established career we’ve worked with a diverse range of clients and customers across various public and private sectors. M.A. Polishing offer a number of specialist techniques including hand polishing, finishing and centreless tube polishing – over a broad range of metals from the rare to exotic.

Metal Polishing all over the UK

M.A Polishing undertake work all over the country – and no job is to big! We have been in the metal polishing industry for over two decades and offer a complete polishing, restoration and cleaning service. Regardless of size or type of metal you need polishing, our team have the knowledge and the tools to complete an exceptional service. Small sentimental pieces are carried out by our in house team within our state of the art fully secure facility based in the Midlands. Whereas, for statues or permanent fixtures, we bring our team to you, and carry out our service on site.

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M.A Polishing are at the cutting edge of metal polishing and cleaning. To keep your metal surfaces looking pristine for as long as possible we offer the latest metal coating technologies. For more information about our Nanotech multi surface coating see here.

Additionally, if you would like any more information about our top-class metal cleaning polishing or restoration service, please speak to one of our experts today. Our team are available to talk you through our pricing and options.