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Metal Polishing, Finishing and Buffering

Metal Polishing, Finishing and Buffering

By on Apr 20, 2018 in News |

Metal polishing sometimes known as ‘metal finishing’ or ‘buffing’ is the process of removing scratches and abrasions from a metal surface and creating the desired brightness of finish on that surface.

Regardless of size or type of metal you need polishing or restoring, our team have the knowledge and equipment to carry out a remarkable standard of work. M.A Polishing have completed metal restoration for over 20 years. During our long-established career, we’ve worked with a variety of clients and customers across various public and private sectors and no job is to demanding.

Specialist Metal Polishing Techniques

M.A. Polishing offer specialist techniques including hand polishing, finishing and centreless tube polishing – over a broad range of metals from the common to the rare and exotic. We can execute metal polishing from either our state of the art facility in Birmingham or onsite depending on the size of the item that needs polishing. Wherever we complete your metal polishing, you’ll receive the same standard of service, as well as care for your metal items.

Furthermore, we understand that many metal possessions have as much sentimental value as monetary value, which is why your possessions will be cared for within our state of the art facility. Fitted with the latest security measures and systems. So, rest assured that your items are in a safe pair of hands.

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

M.A. Polishing are at the forefront of metal polishing and cleaning. In the past we’ve completed numerous projects across the UK including; objects kitchenware and kitchen appliances, cars or vehicle parts, handrails and architectural metals on buildings or statues.

If you would like any more information about our metal polishing, cleaning, finishing or restoration service, please speak to one of our experts today. Our team will be happy to discuss pricing and options.