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DIY vs. Professional Metal Polishing

DIY vs. Professional Metal Polishing

By on Jul 9, 2018 in News |

Many people ask us “Is using a professional for metal polishing really worth it”. This answer isn’t that simple as it all depends on the alloy of metal that needs polishing as well as the size of it. It would be a tall order for a novice to complete statue restoration. Whereas a ring or a smaller piece of jewellery is possible for someone with little to no experience. For those who are unaware as to what metal polishing is, it is the process of removing blemishes and scratches from a metal surface. Improving the overall aesthetic appearance and longevity of the metal.

Things to remember when completing Metal Polishing

Here at M.A Polishing, we complete numerous types and styles of metal polishing, from a whole range of alloys, ranging from the rare and exotic to the extremely common. Here are a few general tips we’ve put together to help you with your metal polishing.

  • Firstly, the condition and quality of the metal will determine your starting point. But most importantly clean before you polish. You won’t see the full benefits of metal polishing if there are dirt marks or blemishes on the surface.
  • Determine whether sanding is needed. If your fingernail catches on a scratch, then it will need sanding before polishing.
  • Selecting your compound and buffing cloth, once again this is determined by your metal work. Coat your cloth and add slight pressure and start your polishing. Repeat until satisfied.
  • To finish, add a finishing compound for a mirror-like shine letting the compound do the work, then wash with warm soapy water, and dry.

(Metal Polishing will vary from metal to metal as well as the compounds and cleaning kits you use)

Get in Touch for Metal Polishing

If you don’t feel confident enough to carry out your own metal polishing do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at M.A Polishing, and we’ll be happy to accept your project. Rest assured with our service we’ve polished metals of all sizes from statues to car parts and everything in between. We carry out our work all over the country from both our workshop in Birmingham and on-site at fitted fixtures or immovable objects.