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Metal Cleaning for Metals of any Size

Metal Cleaning for Metals of any Size

By on Mar 15, 2018 in News |

M.A. Polishing offer a full metal cleaning, polishing and restoration service all over the UK. We are based in the heart of the Midlands answering the call of projects of all sizes. For small metallic objects our in-house team will clean and restore you items to pristine order at our state of the art facility. Whereas, for fitted statues or fixtures our team will work onsite to restore damaged or discoloured metals. As well as the size of any metal work, we also work with a diverse collection of metals including; stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and brass, just to name a few.

Benefits of Metal Cleaning

Metal cleaning has many long-term benefits as it does short term. Metals that go uncleaned are less resistant to rust, corrosion and wear. Enhanced resistance to these oxidatives will increase the lifespan of your metal. Without correct cleaning or treatment it will disintegrate at a much faster rate. Our metal cleaning also increases the durability of your items from abrasions or wear, this is particularly suited for projects in town centres where high footfall occurs over floor laid monuments.

As well as the long-term benefits listed above, you will also see obvious, immediate benefits such as enhanced appearance. Whether you require a high gloss, sheened or textured finish our metal workers have the skills to clean your metal based on your requirements. We can remove surface marks, burrs or other unsightly flaws, which as a result leaves your metal with an enhanced visual spectacle.

Experts in Metal Cleaning and Finishing

If you would like to know more about our expert metal cleaning service, or the range of metals we can restore. Then please speak to one of our expert members of staff, either by phone or through our online enquiry. We offer a comprehensive range of metal cleaning and finishes which you can view here.