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In-House or On-Site Metal Cleaning

In-House or On-Site Metal Cleaning

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Household and architectural metals appearances are often tarnished over time, losing their aesthetic glow and gleam. A treatment of metal cleaning will bring your metalwork back to its former shine. At M.A. Polishing we’ve gathered many years of experience dealing with different alloys and cleaning metals. From common to rare and exotic metals, our service has been used nationwide by some of the UK’s most prestigious clients. Metal cleaning is a technique that some customers believe they can do themselves, as there are numerous DIY kits on the market. However, cleaning is a careful and patient practice. If caution isn’t taken, then you could completely ruin your metalwork.

Metal Cleaning Since 1995

Since 1995, our family run business has operated out of our office in central Birmingham. We’ve become the industry leader for metal cleaning, performing our work both onsite for fixed or larger items and for smaller pieces we complete our work from our fully secure premises in Birmingham. When leaving your items in our care, you can rest assured they are in the safest pair of hands. Our vast experience has allowed our team to work on all types of metals and alloys. We’ve helped to restore plaques, war memorials, statues, classic cars and motorcycles, as well as wedding rings, the front of house decorations, door handles, locks and bannisters. Regardless of the type or alloy you have. M.A. Polishing can complete flawless metal cleaning.

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For more information about our metal cleaning or any of our other services, including metal polishing and metal finishing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. We carry out a professional service, and whether we’re working on site or in our facility, you metal will be handled with care and given the best possible treatment. For a first-hand look at our work, browse through our gallery or follow our Instagram page