Imitation Bronze Finishing

What is imitation bronze finishing?

Imitation bronze finishing is not used on bronze surfaces, but is used to give a bronze effect on the surface of a metal. Imitation bronze finishing involves the application of bronze powder to what is usually a brass base. Imitation bronze finishing is suitable for those wanting a bronze look for their metal surface but with a smaller price tag. Imitation bronze finishing from MA Polishing gives great results, similar to the antique finish available for real bronze.

How to maintain the imitation bronze finishing:

When MA Polishing have given your furniture its imitation bronze finishing you can maintain this finish . You must dust your imitation bronze finishing regularly only using a feather duster waxing should only be carried out by MA POLISHING LTD. Your imitation bronze finishing WILL NATURALY OXYDISE and go lighter and darker in places if not protected with a clear lacquere. If you don’t polish your imitation bronze finishing regularly, you will find that it will naturally dull and darken or get lighter over time. You shouldn’t clean your imitation bronze finishing with metal polish as the polish contains chemicals that can damage the imitation bronze finishing.

Who uses our imitation bronze finishing service?

Our imitation bronze finishing service is suitable for a range of customers. We currently supply our polishing and finishing services to private individuals, small businesses, large manufacturers, architects and deep clean contractors. We can restore architectural features and apply an imitation bronze finishing to fixtures in facilities such as restaurants, canteens, schools, hospitals, airports and many more locations. We can offer a free consultation for your onsite requirements. Contact us to find out more about our imitation bronze finishing service. Browse our website to find out about the other polishing and finishing services that MA Polishing can provide.