IBMA Finishing

What is IBMA finishing?

IBMA finishing (Imitation bronze finishing) is not used on bronze surfaces, but is used to give a bronze effect on the surface of a metal. Imitation bronze finishing involves the application of bronze powder to what is usually a brass base. IBMA finishing is suitable for those wanting a bronze look for their metal surface but with a smaller price tag. IBMA finishing from MA Polishing gives great results, similar to the antique finish available for real bronze.

Uses of IBMA finishing:

IBMA finishing is often used on architectural features, interior design and furniture. IBMA finishing can be used on cabinet fittings such as draw handles and lever furniture such as door handles
and letter boxes. IBMA finishing is ideal for a classy and traditional looking home décor without the heavy price tag. Lacquered finishes such as IBMA finishing are not normally recommended for use on surfaces outdoors in high traffic areas or outdoor locations exposed to pollution or situated in coastal areas.

Harrods - IBMA finishing

How to maintain your IBMA finishing:

IBMA Polishing from MA Polishing will give great results, its important to maintain your IBMA finish as it can be prone to naturally dull and darken or lighten over time, this we call oxidisation. If you chose to have a clear or matt lacquer applied this will prolong the finish and reduce oxidisation. If a lacquer is applied we suggest a light soapy warm water wash with a soft cotton cloth and lightly buff it up.

We also provide a waxing service, if a wax finish is your preference then we would suggest that you only use a feather duster and further maintenance should only be carried out by trained staff at MA Polishing quotations provided on request. You should not clean your immitation Bronze finish with metal polish as the polish contains chemicals that can damage the imitation bronze finishing.

Also never use any abrasives or harsh chemicals as this will also damage the finish.

MA Polishing offers a free consultation for on-site requirements, if you are interested in our bronze finishing service or you want to find out more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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