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Bronze Sculpture Restoration

MA Polishing – Bronze Sculpture Restoration

Bronze statues and sculptures should last many years if looked after properly. However, a metal which is subject to the elements outside can often corrode at a faster rate. The experts here at MA Polishing can carry out bronze sculpture restoration to an incredibly high standard, whether your bronze items are in need of a regular clean for maintenance purposes, or are in need of more extensive refurbishment.

Are You in Need of Bronze Sculpture Restoration?

At MA Polishing, we are experts at refurbishing bronze statues. We specialise in the conservation and restoration of contemporary and traditional materials. We can refurbish bronze statues, as well as bronze sculptures and other bronze architectural items.

If you need bronze items cleaning, bronze sculpture restoration, or bronze patina applicationcontact us as we are experienced in the restoration, conservation, polishing, cleaning and finishing of bronze items. We are skilled in the repatination and bronze sculpture restoration if applicable. We can also cast any missing elements on bronze statues.

At our fully insured premises in the West Midlands, we carry out restoration of smaller items which can be posted to us. Once the cleaning process is complete, your small bronze items will be posted back to you. Alternatively, if your bronze sculptures and items are too big to post, we carry out on site bronzing, using our portable equipment.

Our Bronze Sculpture Restoration Service

Whether you want bronze statues refurbished to regain their original look, or finished on the surface for an improved look, we are sure to be able to help you. Get bronze statues refurbished by MA Polishing, experts in restoration of bronze sculptural and architectural pieces.

MA Polishing provide a free consultation for all onsite work. So if you are interested in our service or you’d like to find out more about what we do, contact us today.