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BMA Finishing

What is BMA finishing?

BMA finishing (Bronze metal antique finishing) involves the application of chemical compounds to a bronze surface, in order to achieve an aged effect.

The BMA finishing process:

We obtain the BMA finishing by baking solid bronze metal in a humid atmosphere. The aged effect is achieved by this method which highlights the colour of the base material.

What is BMA finishing used on?

Our BMA finishing services are used by a number of clients including:

  • large manufacturers
  • interior designers
  • small local business
  • private individuals

Antique bronze finishing can be used to add a bronze patina to architectural features, works of art, high profile buildings, interior design, fixtures and fittings, and lighting.

To achieve a classy and traditional aged metal effect, BMA finishing from MA Polishing should be your number one choice. We offer a free consultation for all onsite work, including BMA finishing as well as all our other metal polishing and finishing services. We are proud to say that we offer a professional and expert service. Our work is never returned to us for re-work, as we always do a high quality job and pay attention to every detail. For more information on MA Polishing contact us.