Metal Cleaning for Statues

Dolphin - Bronze Sculpture Restoration

We’ve all seen what happens to statues when they fall into disrepair. Their features can become indistinct, and their once pristine surfaces can become corroded and damaged over time, losing their charm and allure.
As such, it is so important to undertake cleaning statues on a regular basis to avoid the damaging effects of time. Luckily, here at MA Polishing, we have decades of experience when it comes to cleaning statues, and we are proud to be able to provide this service across the public and private sectors.

We’re Experts When It Comes to Cleaning Statues in a Variety of Materials and Finishes

Here at MA Polishing, we have vast experience in cleaning statues made from a huge variety of metals. Some of the most popular metals we encounter when cleaning statues are aluminium, bronze, brass, gun metal, stainless steel, copper, zinc, die-cast, nickel, and antique brass. So, whatever metal your statues are made of, you’re guaranteed a perfect finish when you choose MA Polishing for cleaning statues.
Our highly skilled teams offer a professional service for cleaning statues. This service can bring out the best in your statues, and restore them to their former glory! We’re experts when it comes to cleaning statues, whatever metal they are made from. This means we can not only restore your statues to their original condition, but can also improve them with a range of finishes!

We offer the following finishes when cleaning statues:

• Polished/bright
• Polished/dull
• Polished/modric
• Polished/brushed
• Polished/satin
• Pre-paint
• Pre-spectra coat
• Linished /fine, medium, rough

• Polished /bright
• Polished/brushed
• Polished/satin
• Antique brass
• IB (imitation bronze) various shades including dark
• BMA (imitation bronze) various shades including dark
• Wire/brushed
• Linished/fine, medium, rough

• Polished/mirror
• Polished /dull
• Polished/satin
• Pre-spectra coat
• Pre-paint
• Graining/ fine, medium, rough
• Centreless tube or bar up to 6 metres in length to a maximum 8″ diameter
• Linished/fine, medium, rough
• Satin/fine, medium, rough
• Polished/bright
• Polished/dull
• Super polished/high spec
• Super polished/satin
• Plastic sleeved

In terms of cleaning statues, we specialise in the following techniques:

• Hand polishing
• On-site bronzing
• Jet washing
• On-site stainless steel cleaning and scratch removal
• Centreless tube polishing
• Portable hand tool polishing
• Metal restoration
• Cleaning statues in situ
• Linishing
• Fettling

Choose MA Polishing for Cleaning Statues to a Perfect Finish

If you would like to learn more about our statue cleaning and the services we can provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our teams are on hand to offer advice and discuss your requirements, and we can also provide pricing estimates.
We also specialise in many other kinds of metal cleaning and polishing, and you can find more in our handy metal restoration guide and see examples in our gallery. We’d love to offer you the chance to put our service to the test. If you’d like, send us a trial batch and we will demonstrate the quality of our service for cleaning statues and more!