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Bronzing Service

At MA Polishing we offer a range of bronzing finishes including IB (Imitation bronze) in various shades including dark, and BMA (Bronze metal antique) in various shades including dark. These finishes can be applied to bronze or other metal surfaces.


What is imitation bronze finishing?

Imitation bronze finishing is not used on bronze surfaces, but is used to give a bronze effect on the surface of a metal. Imitation bronze finishing involves the application of bronze powder to what is usually a brass base. Imitation bronze finishing is suitable for those wanting a bronze look for their metal surface but with a smaller price tag. Imitation bronze finishing from MA Polishing gives great results, similar to the antique finish available for real bronze.


What is BMA bronze finishing?

BMA finishing (Bronze metal antique finishing) involves the application of chemical compounds to a bronze surface, in order to achieve an aged effect.


Onsite bronzing

If you’re looking for an expensive looking finish without the heavy price tag, our onsite bronzing service will be ideal for you. We can come to your site to carry out our bronzing service, minimising the stress of transporting items and allowing us to complete bronzing on architectural features that cannot be transported. During the onsite bronzing service we apply a bronze surface to another material whether it be metallic or non-metallic to give this material a highly desirable finish.


Case Study: Dolphin Square, Westminster, London.

Before                                                        After

Dolphin Square - Bronze Sculpture RestorationDolphin Square - Bronze Restoration Service


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