Bronze Plaque Cleaning

War memorial BMA restoration

When bronze plaques are left exposed to air and moisture they can become tarnished, taking on a greenish tint. This can detract from the overall look of the plaque and also make the text less clear. Our bronze plaque cleaning service removes this patination, and returns the bronze to its original finish giving your beautiful and shiny plaque.  If bronze plaques are left without maintenance they also corrode much more quickly, and so it’s essential that they’re properly looked after and cleaned regularly.

High Quality Bronze Plaque Cleaning

We provide bronze plaque cleaning at our premises in Birmingham, as well as providing onsite visits where required. We’re specialists in bronze and metal polishing and use our expertise to provide the highest standards in metal cleaning. In addition to bronze plaque cleaning we can also provide bronze statue refurbishment, and the cleaning of bronze architectural features.

We’re a family business and take pride in our bronze plaque cleaning service. All bronze plaques cleaned at our premises in Birmingham are checked thoroughly to ensure they meet our exacting standards. If you require onsite bronze cleaning we can offer you a free consultation before quoting you on the job, simply contact us for more information.

Bronze plaque cleaning can transform your bronze plaque, whether it’s a single piece, or a whole collection – we work with a range of customers from individuals to large businesses. In addition to bronze plaque cleaning we also provide stainless steel cleaning, brass cleaning, bronze finishing and a wide range of other finishes.

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If you would like to find out more about our bronze plaque cleaning service then please get in touch with a member of our expert team – we’re on hand to help.