Bronze Patination

Bronze Sculpture Restoration - Before Dolphin - Bronze Sculpture Restoration

Bronze patination is the process of applying a patina to the surface of bronze statues, structures, plaques and sculptures.

How Does Bronze Patination Occur

Bronze is an alloy consisting of copper and tin. A high quality bronze will have a copper content as high as 90%. The colours of the bronze patination process are the result of a chemical reaction on the objects surface.

This occurs naturally over time as bronze is exposed to the elements. The copper in the alloy oxidises and turns green. It can also be influenced by the substances with which the bronze comes into contact with. This means you can have control over the colour, tone and finish of the appearance of the patina.

In its original state bronze is a bright shiny metal which could be mistaken for gold. The darker rich bronze colour we are familiar with is the result of the bronze patination process. There are several techniques which involve hot and cold processes with the type of chemical affecting the end colour.

In order to refurbish and maintain the bronze patina as it was originally intended, MA Polishing can clean and reapply a bronze patination to your objects.

Bronze Patination from MA Polishing

Bronze patination can be carried out by our highly skilled experts at our Birmingham based factory. If you would like a quote for out on location work or any of our other services including metal polishing, metal finishing and metal cleaning carried Please contact us.