Bronzing & Bronze Patina Application


Here at MA Polishing, we offer an incredible range of professional bronze finishes and bronze patina finishes. The shades we provide range from dark bronze, BMA (bronze metal antique), IB (imitation bronze), light bronze, and bronze patina. These shades can be further tailored to your needs as they can be applied in various finishes such as dull, satin, and bright. These bronze patina options and finishes are perfect for adding to your bronze items of all kinds, from statues and plaques to practical items such as door hardware. Furthermore, they can also be applied to non-bronze surfaces to give the look of bronze.


IB, or imitation bronze, is our preferred method of adding a bronze patina or bronze effect finish to non-bronze items and structures. A bronze powder is applied to what is generally a brass base, and this allows you to enjoy the classic good looks of bronze, without the often very hefty price tag that can come with solid bronze items.

We do specialise in this area, and can give a professional and attractive bronze patina and finish with excellent, lasting results. Our imitation bronze finish gives a similar effect to the genuine bronze antique finish we provide for bronze items. In our gallery, you can view some examples of our completed imitation bronze projects, as well as the cleaning, polishing, and finishing we carry out for solid bronze items.

Bronze Patina


BMA, or bronze metal antique finishing, is a popular service which we carry out on all kinds of bronze items, but generally it is used to give bright, new bronze a tastefully aged, bronze patina appearance. It involves the application of chemical compounds which give your surfaces an aged effect. This is ideal if you want to make your new bronze look more like older bronze items you may have, and keep a consistent look for your bronze sculptures and fittings.


Our onsite bronzing service allows you to achieve that classic bronze look, without the high costs associated with bronze, and is ideal for statues and features which cannot be removed. If you do opt for our onsite bronze patina and finish applications, we will visit you at your location and the use of portable tools allows us to work with your items without moving them. Once we have prepared the metallic or non-metallic surface, we will then apply your bronze patina or finish. Depending on the condition of your metals, you may require our service for cleaning metal which has oxidised, such as our stainless steel cleaning service. This onsite service helps put your mind at ease, as your items will avoid any risks involved with transportation.

All work undertaken onsite or at our premises in the Midlands is fully insured, and we are SafeContractor approved. If you would like further information on our services, please do not hesitate to call us on 0121 333 4675, or drop us a message online. You can view some of our previous work, and examples of our finishes in our gallery, or why not find us on Instagram?

Case Study: Dolphin Square, Westminster, London.

Before                                                        After

Dolphin Square - Bronze PatinaDolphin Square - Bronze Patina

For all queries on our bronzing service from MA Polishing, please contact us directly on 0121 3334675.