Bronze Finishing

What is bronze finishing?

Bronze finishing is a term used to describe the intentional colouring of a metal surface. We can polish metal surfaces to a dark rich bronze finish, or we can lighten the colour if required. MA Polishing will polish up samples with a bronze finishing to give you an idea of the type of work that we can do.

The bronze finishing process:

The metal, usually brass, is initially polished to a high-quality satin finish and then we use a bronze finishing powder, in addition to a few well-hidden secrets, to apply the final bronze application.

Who uses our bronze finishing service?

MA Polishing supply bronze finishing services to a wide range of clients, including large manufacturers, architects, small local businesses, deep clean contractors and private individuals. We can apply a bronze finish to individual pieces or we can also work onsite to restore features such as hand rails, work surfaces, splash backs and canopies in catering facilities, restaurants, canteens, schools, hospitals, airports, and many more locations. Contact us today for more information on bronze finishing.