Bronze Cleaning Service

Choose MA Polishing for a high quality Bronze Cleaning Service.

Why would you need a professional bronze cleaning service? When bronze is exposed to air and moisture, it will start to develop a greeny layer on its surface. While some think that this darkened finish adds character to bronze, our cleaning service will give your bronze a clean and shiny surface of the highest standards – beautiful, smart and keeping standards high.

Bronze Cleaning examples

We can clean, repair and restore the following features:

  • Bronze statues and sculptures
  • Bronze panels
  • Bronze plaques
  • Bronze doors
  • Bronze window frames
  • Bronze patina

Professional bronze cleaning from MA Polishing:
All of the bronze that is cleaned at our premises is thoroughly checked before leaving the factory – we’re thorough and we have very high standards so you won’t be unhappy with the results. If you need onsite cleaning we can offer you a free consultation before quoting you on the job and complete it to the highest standard. Contact us for more information about our cleaning service or our metal polishing or finishing services.